Dr.Mohammad Paknezhadِ - غذا سفارش دادن (Ordering Lunch)
Dr.Mohammad Paknezhadِ
"If you wish good advice, consult an old man
درباره وبلاگ

با سلام خدمت شما عزیزان!
ممنون که به جامعه ی مجازی زبان تشریف اوردید!
این جامعه ی مدرن با خدماتی از قبیل دانلود کتاب های الکترونیکی و اصطلاح های عامیانه انگلیسی و همینطور مطالب زیبا و پند اموز به همراه شعر های جذاب انگلیسی و متون کاملا انگلیسی به همراه متون دو زبانه (انگلیسی به همراه ترجمه به فارسی) و... محیطی کاملا اموزشی را برای علاقه مندان به این زبان بین المللی فراهم آورده است.
اکنون به خود می بالیم و افتخار می کنیم که تونستیم محیطی آموزشی ولی جذاب را فراهم آوریم تا شما عزیزان ضمن مدرنیزه کردن احساسات و رفتارتان با کمک گرفتن از زبان انگلیسی ، زبان انگلیسی را به عنوان زبان دوم به خود بشناسانید!
به امید اینکه با نقطه نظراتتان و همینطور از همه مهمتر انتقادات و پیشنهادات خود مارا در بهبود این جامعه ی مدرن یاری فرمایید!

مدیر وبلاگ : موسسه زبان و پیش دبستانی پرهام
پیوندهای روزانه
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آیا این وبلاگ در راستای اهداف زبانی شما موثر بوده است ؟

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انواع کد های جدید جاوا تغییر شکل موس

Ordering Lunch

Karl: Do you have time to stop for lunch?

Ann: Yes, I'm hungry. This restaurant has a good selection and the prices are moderate.

Karl: That sounds fine with me. Let's try it.

Ann: Where do you want to sit, the smoking or the nonsmoking section?

Karl: I prefer nonsmoking, but the sign says to wait to be seated.

Hostess: Good afternoon. How many are in your party?

Ann: Just two and we'd like a booth in the nonsmoking section, if you have one.

Hostess: Right this way. Follow me. Will this booth be all right?

Karl: The one by the window would be better, thanks.

Ann: No problem. Here are your menus. Your server will be right with you.

Server: Hello, my name is Chris, and I'm your server today. May I bring you something to begin with, a drink or some appetizers perhaps?

Karl: No appetizer for me. I'll have a glass of water for now.

Ann: I'd like an iced tea, decaffeinated or herbal. What flavors do you have?

Server: We have mint, peach, or raspberry.

Ann: Bring me a large mint, please.

Server: Will that be all, or are you ready to order?

Karl: I'm ready. I'll have the veggie sandwich on whole wheat. Hold the mayonnaise, please.

Server: That comes with your choice of soup or a salad.

Karl: What soups do you have?

Server: We have potato, bean, vegetable beef, or cream of broccoli.

Karl: Does the potato soup have pork in it?

Server: Yes, it has pieces of ham.

Sever: How do you want your burger cooked, medium, or well done?

Ann: Medium will be fine, thanks.

Server: The burger comes with your choice of cole slaw or fries.

Ann: Make it fries, and please bring ketchup with them.

Server: Will that be all?

Karl: I think so. Please bring us the check when you return with our food. We're pressed for time.

Moderate = reasonable

قیمت) مناسب , معقول )

That sounds fine with me

(در رابطه با قیمت) موافقم , مشکلی ندارم

Booth = a partly enclosed place in a restaurant with a table between two long seats

اتاقک , غرفه

Server = the person who serves you in a restaurant: waiter, waitress, server

پیشخدمت , خدمتکار, گارسون

Appetize = also appetizer British English [countable]

a small dish that you eat at the beginning of a meal

خوراک یا آشامیدنی برای تحریک اشتها , مزه


اشتها آور , میل انگیز

Mint = [uncountable] a small plant with green leaves that have a fresh smell and taste and are used in cooking:


Decaffeinated = coffee or tea that is decaffeinated does not contain caffeine (=the substance that keeps you awake)

قهوه و غیره) بی کافئین)

Herbal = made of herbs  ( herb is a small plant that is used to improve the taste of food, or to make medicine

گیاه دارویی , گیاه ادویه ای , گیاه چاشنی , گیاه معطر

Veggie = (American English )a vegetable:


Vegetable = a plant that is eaten raw or cooked, such as a cabbage, a carrot, or peas


Broccoli = a green vegetable that has short branch-like stems

براکلی , کلم سیاه , کلم ایتالیایی

Pork = the meat from pigs

گوشت خوک

well done = meat that is well-done has been cooked thoroughly

گوشت کاملا پخته

Ketchup = a thick cold red sauce made from            tomatoes that you put on food

سس گوجه فرنگی , سس گچاپ


Word focus:  cook


fry (in oil)

boil (in hot water)

bake (bread and cakes in an oven)

roast (meat or vegetables in an oven)

microwave (using a microwave oven)

grill/broil   American English (using a grill)

steam, toast, simmer, poach, barbecue, stir-fry, saute, chargrill

raw (not cooked)

rare (used about meat that has been cooked for a short time)

well-done (used about meat that has been cooked for a long time)cook

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